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Matthias Ziemann – Flute repair in London

Matthias Ziemann is undoubtedly one of the top woodwind repairers in the United Kingdom.

He has extensive knowledge, over thirty years’ experience, and counts many top players amongst his customers.

Matthias was born to German parents and moved to Berlin when he was very young.

Both parents were accomplished musicians and Matthias showed much promise as a young boy of following in their footsteps. Matthias also had an interest and a natural ability in his practical woodworking lessons at school and showed clear dexterity with working with different materials including metals.

Matt was apprenticed at all Flutes Plus from 1985-1991 and subsequently worked for the world renowned

Werner FISCHER OF BREMEN Germany  

In 2008 Matt began a successful Independent tenure in the  Top Wind shop.  

He was in no way associated with the activities which led to its closure in March 2020

Matt is the first accredited Straubinger pad technician in the UK and is familiar with all aspects of modern Instruments and their repair .

French flutes which have  the Reputation of being unfixable are also Mainstream for him

Since 2008 he has regularly serviced the Instruments of the students of Professor Robert Winn, and can Count many of the top orchestral Players in London as satisfied customers .

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Some instruments can be repaired on the spot, but most will need to be left with me.
You can collect in person, or I can send it on to you, fully insured with a reputable courier for a small charge.
Full services and overhauls can be sent free of charge.

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Please telephone or email before making the journey, I may not be in!

32 Rectory Field Crescent – London  – SE7 7FB


My flute never sounded better!! Thank you so much!

P Mansurov

First Flute London Contemporary Orchestra

Quick and easy, flute playing how it should!

R Thompson